Post Surgical Lymphatic Drainage

Lisa Bonney, LMT MMP MLDT has been certified in manual lymphatic drainage therapy for over 10 years. Post surgical lymphatic drainage helps the body to recover after surgery by reducing inflammation and fluid retention, speeding the rate of recovery, increasing comfort and mobility, and keeping surgical sites supple and healthy.

My post-operative approach is very gentle, thorough and effective. For any surgery involving the abdomen, hips and thighs, Careful care and consideration is given to any pressure in the abdominal floor, female prostate glands and anything barring access of fluids to the femoral artery.

Manual lymphatic drainage therapy aims to gently and rhythmically improve circulation and drains the lymphatic system. The healthy benefits of lymphatic massage are the improved function of the immune system, reduced fluid retention and promotes the appearance of youth and longevity.

My approach includes a full body assessment and treatment. In addition to draining the lymphatic system, I help reduce fluid retention with the removal of any obstructions caused by scar tissue, compaction injury or adhesions. The result is restored vitality, increased energy and an overall feeling of wellness.

At $90 an hour, Post surgical lymphatic drainage helps to remove toxins from the body and from the blood, freeing up precious space for oxygenation and nutrification of all the cells in the body. Contact me today to learn more about my mind, body, spirit approach to wholeness.